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Our team has over 25 years of experience developing natural products to the health and beauty market. Dedicated to making products of the highest standards that benefit people’s lives and health. 



The headquarters, laboratory, and manufacturing facility are in Nanaimo, British Columbia, just 20 minutes by seaplane to the city of Vancouver. It is convenient for customers and entrepreneurs who want to visit us. The location is perfect for receiving fresh deliveries of the herbal ingredients that we import from around the world. British Columbia is fast becoming the focal point between Asia and the North American marketplace.



Global Flo Sales (GFS) has two major areas of business. The first is our own branded line of over-the-counter health and weight loss products. All products avoid the use of animal testing, animal products or harmful chemicals. We are proud of our products and the way we make them.



Our second business is private label branding and contract manufacturing. Entrepreneurs turn to us to develop their branded lines of products, packaging and filling niche markets that larger companies won’t do.



Feel free to call us at 778-762-0888 with any questions, comments or new ideas.



Our Mission

To provide our customers with superior quality and natural ingredients in all our products. It is our company culture to strive towards excellence, embracing innovation and fostering trust.


Core Values

At GFS, we will:

  • Make a positive difference in people’s lives with our products.

  • Utilize the latest technology to create healthy products from natural ingredients that are effective.

  • Listen to our customers and provide them with the first-class service they deserve.

  • Our guiding principles are Integrity, Consistency, and Professionalism.


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