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Formulating Supplements

If you’d like to create a new natural health product or modify an existing one, GFS Development team can help you to turn your product idea into a retail-ready product. Our Development team can work with you to create a superior formula to an existing product or fill an untapped product niche in the marketplace.


Great Tasting Supplements

For powder, and liquid the key component in ensuring customers will actually enjoy using the products. We pride ourselves on creating great tasting formulations. We have access to a number of natural sweeteners, including our own proprietary line of Stevia (, and flavor enhancers to make even the bitterest ingredients palatable.



Supplement Effectiveness

For all product forms, ensuring the product works is the only way to encourage repeat customers. Understanding the complex level of interactions between ingredients and their absorption rates helps us guide brands to develop the best delivery system and dosage for optimal efficacy. We conduct our own tests and can use certified third-party laboratories at our client’s request to measure potency, activity or product stability. Where possible, we minimize the use of fillers and other excipients.



Customer Preferences

We can assist you in formulating supplements in a dosage format and formulation that your consumers prefer. We stay up-to-date on the latest market trends so you can avoid ingredients that customers would prefer not to buy and include the latest most-desired ingredients. We can help you cater towards consumer preferences by formulating your product to be GMO-free, vegetarian or Certified Organic, where specified.


Regulatory Requirements

As the natural health product marketplace becomes more regulated, it is important that your products meet regulatory requirements. GFS will provide guidance and assistance in generating the necessary paperwork but recommends working with a regulatory consultant familiar with the regulations within your target market.



Manufacturing and Stability Issues

Once the product formula is finalized, we run tests to check that the product production will run smoothly on the manufacturing equipment. We can also assist clients in developing protocols and arranging tests to confirm the stability of products over the desired period of time. We consider the availability and pricing of raw materials so that our clients can be made aware in advance of any potential sourcing or availability issues over time.


Getting Started

When you manufacture a supplement with GFS you have access to the GFS team for formulation advice, technical support, and industry insight. If you’re ready to formulate a new product or modify an existing product, please contact us so we can review your requirements and begin the quotation process.




Whether you send us your own existing formula or you work with the GFS Development team to refine a new formula, the formulation remains confidential. We have non-disclosure agreements in place from the very beginning to protect your brand’s proprietary information.

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