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We can work from your own designs or originate designs for you in order to create;

  • Labels

  • Inserts

  • Seals

  • Flyers

  • Packaging Outers

  • Packaging Backgrounds

  • Contents Lists

  • Menus

  • Instructions

  • Personalised Greetings

  • Additional Promotional Materials & Offers

  • Premium Protective and Presentational Packaging

  • Cross Fertilised Marketing

  • Shipping Cartons

  • Point of Sale Units, Materials, and Promotional Gifts


From a simple label to a full complimentary promotional campaign

Global Flo Sales (GFS) adds value to our core contract packing services by delivering a tailor-made service which allows you to cherry-pick the individual activities which best suit your organization and your pocket. Not everyone has a large corporate design team working on their Brand and Packaging design and promotion, but that's where the team at GFS can help.


We have over 30 years of print and design expertise on our in-house creative team, and we are on hand to fulfill all your packaging, point-of-sale, and labeling design needs. We employ professional, innovative, qualified Creative Designers that are standing by to discuss and deliver your product branding ideas.


Our ability to develop and print on site means we can adapt to each individual requirement without holding large stocks of materials for promotions. Also through this in-house team, we have the flexibility to meet mid production updates and alterations to specification.


Our team will work with each of our customers in order to understand the regulatory and customer requirements for information on each label to ensure best practice is delivered enhancing the value of the products.


Our designers have the ability to create the whole multimedia experience for our smaller clients, as well as work effectively with a corporate team and translate their strategy of brand innovations to the production floor.

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